The perfect casual dining and lounge style picnic table.

The perfect casual dining and lounge style picnic table.

5 ways you can enhance your outdoor dining experience with our Safari Roll Top Folding Tables.

Our Safari Collection tables are ideal for all your outdoor dining and entertaining requirements. Whether you're camping, picnicking, hosting an outdoor event, or just need a convenient and practical table for entertaining in your garden.

1- The perfect height

Experience Heightened Stability and Flexibility in Everyday Dining. Our tables have been designed as lounge style all purpose tables that are perfect for use for dining and for drinks and light entertaining. The 44cm height means that the solid frame and the light table top is at its most stable and can be used on uneven ground, sand or pebbles and be secure enough to not wobble. 

2- Style without compromise 

Our table tops are a lightweight aluminium and have a unique wood grain effect. Each table is different and unique and unless you look closely you would never know they were not made of wood. 

3- Built to last 

Made from rust proof aluminium and with a solid steel frame, our tables are built to last and have a weight bearing of over 120kg. They are designed for the use of table top BBQ's as they have a high heat resistance. (With careful consideration of course). 

4- Lightweight and portable 

Our small tables (launching in March 2024) are 60 x 60xm and weigh just 2.6kg, our medium table at 90x60 weigh just 4.4kg and our large table 120x60cm weighs just 5.9kg. With handles designed to pop over your shoulder for ease of travel, these tables are perfect companions for any adventure!. 


5- Small and compact to store away 

Our table tops roll and fold up into one section of the bag and the frame folds into the second area. It literally takes 5 seconds to assemble with only two parts. You just can't ask for anything easier. When not in use, just slide under a bed or pop in the back of the smallest car boot or campervan space. 

In March 2024 we are launching our new small size. You asked, we listened. 

Introducing our compact tables! Launching in March 2024, these 60 x 60cm tables weigh just 2.6kg. With their lightweight and portable design, they are the ultimate travel companions for your next adventure!

Small (60x60cm) - £69.99

Medium (90x60cm) - £99.99

Large )120x60cm) £120.99


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