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The Essential Guide For Camping In Style

Camping in the spring and summer holidays should be about being close to nature and enjoying outdoor living.  Camping does not mean you have to rough it, and you can make it so much more of a glamping experience by carefully picking little luxuries to take!

Campervanning in style does not mean you pack everything but the kitchen sink! Quite the opposite! Less is so much more. We have outlined a few areas for what to take camping and your camping checklist, for a more refined, enjoyable  well-heeled experience.  The trick is “mindful packing” of just the best-of-the-best of camping essentials that can be multi-use and space saving, and planning wonderful fresh food experiences that you can cook over the BBQ under the stars. Oh. And of course some of our Well Heeled Hippy products!

Your Campervan Wardrobe: What To Wear Camping 

There is always half your suitcase that comes home clean and unworn so pack your suitcase and then take half out! The truth is that you will gravitate to wearing the same things and if you don’t think you will wear it. You probably won’t. The difference is that your hotel room may be slightly bigger than the interior of the campervan so you don’t want to be tripping over and everything should be able to be packed neatly away. 

So, what to wear when camping when you still want to look stylish?

The essentials of camping attire

  • Always take a waterproof jacket option for the seasonal downpours and of course a jumper or jacket for evenings that might be a little chilly. 

  • Lots of summer tops and underwear is a must. From jumping in the sea for a swim, to climbing down a waterfall, or stoking the fire pit at night, a clean fresh top and a change of underwear will keep you fresh every day. 

  • The rule of thumb is to take items that mix and match and that can be worn on multiple days. 

  • Pack your pyjamas so that you swing open the doors in the morning with a fresh coffee and a smile!

  • White sneakers work with EVERY outfit from shorts, dresses to your swimsuit, and look instantly stylish. 

  • Items that can roll up and be packed tightly are perfect as this helps to increase them too and are essential for camping clothes storage. 

What NOT to pack 

  • Don’t take heels or shoes you wouldn’t want to get a little sandy or dusty. 

  • Don’t take uncomfortable or restrictive clothing 

  • Don’t take your entire wardrobe! 

  • Ditch the straightening irons or hair-drier and leave that at home.  The maximum voltage of items that you can use in your campervan is 12v! If you REALLY do have to blow dry your hair, use a campsite facility! 

  • Anything that needs ironing! 

What Food Is The Best To Take Camping?

Camping is a time for outdoor dining! So, what food should you take camping? Our campers at all come with a table top BBQ and of course the kitchens are equipped with a gas stove. So, you have multiple options for outdoor dining. 


Plan your meal prep so that you can use leftovers the next day for breakfast or lunch and as you have a fridge and freezer, there is nothing that you can’t buy that won’t go off on your travels.  

For camping food ideas check out our next blog - The Well Heeled Hippy Guide to Cooking on your table top BBQ for fabulous dishes such as: 

  • Chargrilled (BBQ) vegetables with cous-cous and tahini. (Leftovers can be used for a fabulous chargrilled vegetable omelette in the morning). 
  • Peppered Pineapple with crushed roasted nuts and ice-cream. (Cooked Pineapple with granola and yogurt is the perfect breakfast to wake up to). 
  • BBQ Chicken (or any meat of vegetable) Salad With toasted croutons 
  • Mini Baked potatoes with Gruyere cheese fondue and a roasted tomato salsa. (Use additional chicken and left over salad for sumptuous sandwiches for lunch the next day) 

  • The Essentials 

    • Your favourite condiments and cooking oils.

    • Bottled water for the kettle and drinking water. 

    What NOT to pack

    • Anything you would cook in an oven or microwave

    • Anything you would cook UNDER a grill 

    • Anything that might take oodles of time to cook through

    • A toaster or coffee machine (see 12v limit above).

    Outdoor Living: Create Your Outdoor Space 

    Once you are parked at your campervan spot you can set the exterior up for outdoor living. These are your outdoor luxury camping equipment must haves and are super space saving! 

    We all love to lounge in the sun so taking items designed for ease of travel is key. Pack rugs that can also be used as throws inside the camper  and of course our own brand Safari Chairs and Safari Folding Table. Designed with style, our boutique furniture is perfect to jush up any campervan or motorhome. Our Safari Chairs fold to just 4 cm and are from just 2.6kg in weight meaning not only are they a great choice for camping but can be carried with ease to the beach for the day or on a picnic. They can be tucked away neatly in the van for travel and you would never know they were there! Our Safari Dining Set (4) is the perfect space saving family option for your holiday.

    outdoor furniture

    For an extra special addition, make your space sparkle with ambient festoon lights (battery operated) and set up the home movie theatre on the side of the camper for an outdoor cinema experience. You can even expand your area by setting up an outdoor tent for additional sleeping space leaving your campervan as your lounge/ kitchen and bathroom. 

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